So much better hair and make-up trial. I look like myself!
P.S. This was with a different person.

Rainy Sunday evenings are the best for #PrideAndPrejudice and some black mango tea. (at Wake Up Coffee Co.)

In awe of God’s grace and blessings that led James and I here, where we found each other and fell in love. I can’t wait to marry James in front of this beautiful and historic building in 24 days! (at Auburn University - Samford Lawn)

Just your typical Monday night dinner, swordfish steak, coconut milk tomato sauce, and some arugula on the side. #yum

Happy birthday to my best friend!!! These past four years would not have been the same without you. Thank for constantly challenging me, loving me, and listening to me! You are truly beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed to call you my best friend!
P.S. So glad we listened to Anastasia on that fateful trip to Atlanta four years ago.

I am the world’s messiest baker. #aagcookbook @againstallgrain #bananabread #paleo

And in Katie fashion, our trip to Atlanta ends in my first time to Sublime. Nutella and Oreo were my doughnuts of choice.

The final countdown begins! One month until I get to call this man my husband. #faceoftheeconomicsdepartment #hespracticallyfamous

Our little home is slowly, but surely, coming together. #tinyeastsamfordcondo

James and I enjoyed a wonderful morning in Birmingham meeting with @elleaffairs and our wedding videographer. Y’all, we have the most amazing wedding vendors and the most talented wedding planner. We’re so lucky to have such wonderful people helping to make our big day possible! (at O’Henry’s Coffee)

I hate make-up.

I mean, not really. I think it’s wonderful, I just don’t wear a lot of it.

But I have done two trials with two different make-up artists for the wedding and I didn’t like either of them. I just don’t feel like myself wearing tons of make-up. And even when I say I like it really natural, I feel like I have layers and layers of make-up on. I probably only wear make-up about 10% of the time. When I came home from my make-up trial yesterday, James said, “you look pretty but your face isn’t that color….” Awkward.

There is ONE make-up artist that I am OBSESSED with but she’s trying to get away from doing weddings, so I had my wedding planner email her and explain how damn picky I am and maybe, just maybe, she’ll say yes.



if women are so hurt by being called bossy, or are afraid of leadership positions because they don’t want to be called bossy are probably not fit for leadership positions to begin with.

Little girls. This campaign is aimed at little girls. Little girls who are being bullied and demeaned by both their peers and adults in their life for not being passive enough. 

Little girls. 

You are advocating for little girls to be bullied. Look at yourself. 

(via krissybear1984)

I am so proud of this sweet girl.
When we adopted Charlie two years ago, she had so much car anxiety and could barely ride in the car without freaking out. Now she is a champ traveler and is pretty happy on 12-hour car rides.
Adopt an animal from a shelter and s/he will love you forever. #dogsofinstagram #shelterdogsarethebest

Lovin’ having James in town, and enjoying a 3D movie might.

Blessed to be enjoying a wonderful Saturday with my love. (at Copper Restaurant & Dessert Lounge)

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